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Peak performance is about more than jamming a few pills in your mouth and pounding an energy drink. In order for your body to work like a finely tuned nuclear power plant of focus and energy EVERY part of it must be working in sync. A Ferrari’s engine won’t work if its fuel delivery is clogged up and it’s electrical wiring is failing, so why would the most advanced machine on earth…YOUR BODY…Be any different…

The key to unlimited focus and energy is the brain working with the body and that is what the 30 day reboot designed for. The 30 day reboot gives you the full supplement plan to regenerate your gut to maximize the absorption of our PHD and M.D. formalized XT-01 and complimentary supplements that will THEN allow your brain to work at its very peak (without needing excessive stimulants that most nootropics rely on.

More than that though, your reboot kit comes with a complete 30 day diet and reboot plan to clear your body of all the garbage that is “clogging your Ferraris fuel line” and enhance the “electrical wiring” so that after 30 days your body is giving you a clean, driven, energy filled focus naturally.

Once that is achieved our supplementation goes from just giving you a huge boost to making you an optimized thinking machine. Yes our supplementation can give you dramatic results and when its put on top of a optimized body the results are doubled.

That is exactly why the 30 day reboot is so effective. We get your body to where it needs to be to not only benefit from our supplements, but be totally optimize to reap their full mind enhancing, performance boosting, good mood generating nutrition.

Use as instructed on each bottle.

Are These Supplements Safe Or Like Medication?
No these are not uppers or drugs. These are natural science backed nutrition based supplements that deliver the nutrients you need to the right places in the most efficient ways possible.

How Long Will My Supply Last?
Your supply will last 30 days, don’t worry we make it super easy and have special deals to help you order more at the same costs.

How Fast Will I See Results?
You will start to see results immediately after consuming XT-01 and GT-01. Your result will then increase over 30 days as your body becomes more optimized and nutrient fueled.


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